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Recent Activities

July, 4, 2021

My research on scaling operators in Mittag-Leffler analysis with Ang Elyn Gumanoy from MSU-IIT Iligan was accepted for publication in Meth. of Func. Ana. and Top. 

In this paper some embryonic elements on the Wick calculus for generalized grey Brownian motion are shown. After this first sucess, there is more to come…

June, 25, 2021

Dynamical Properties of Gaussian Chains and Loops with Long Range Interactions a joint work with J. Bornales and L. Streit is accepted for publication in Rep. Math. Phys. 

In this article we study general Gaussian polymer models and deduce the Hamiltonian for loops and chains. We can give conditions on the monomer interaction under which the corresponding process still is well-defined, i.e. has a positive covariance. This sheds some new light on the stochastic interpretation of long-range interaction. 

June, 23, 2021

Prediction of Dengue Cases Based on Human Mobility and Seasonality – An Example for the City of Jakarta  with P. Heidrich, Y. Jayathunga and T. Götz is in production at  Math.Meth. in the Appl. Sci.

Based on a seasonal multi-patch model, we succeeded to predict the temporal Dengue outbreak in the different regions of Jakarta. In a follow up project we study now counter measures and optimal control.

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